Marketing Strategies

How to market the E-learning Tablet + App and make at least N2million monthly profit.

 Off-line marketing Strategies


1.      Print fliers and distribute to parents directly in offices, shopping mall, at their homes, in their cars, anywhere. But be sure the fliers are strategically distributed to parents in cities and urban area, who have the capacity to pay for it


2.      Use marketers to sell the product: the procedure of recruitment and the profitability has been explained above


3.      Develop Retail outlets: Those who will buy and resell the product. Target

a.       Cyber café/ internet service centres

b.      Business centres

c.       Tutorial centres

d.      Computer/ phone retailing shops 

You should endeavor to hang a banner that advertises the product to potential buyers in all your retail outlets.

4.      Print colorful banners. Hang them at strategic positions where potential buyers can see the product and contact you.


 Develop a website- an online shop for your product

If you want to succeed in business in this era of internet technology, then you must have a virtual shop- an online store where people can assess and purchase your products from all over the world. You do this by creating a website for your business.

 Use Social Media Network
(a). Go to  Sign up, get connected to friends. Use it to promote your products/services.  You can also create a fan page account. Anybody who likes your page will automatically be receiving update about your post on your products/services. You can also create a group page

How to use facebook to promote your business:


  • Normal posting: upload the picture of your products and their benefits on your wall. All your facebook friends will see them
  • Open a facebook fan page. Anybody who likes your page sees your product posting
  • Join a facebook discussion forum. Many forum have membership in thousands. When you post your product advert, all your forum members see it
  •  Targeted inbox message: you can send a message of your product to the message inbox of your target facebook account user.
  •  Place a facebook advert. This is a paid per click advert. Most advert on the right hand side of your facebook  home page are paid for. when somebody clicks on the advert, it links them to your website where they can get detailed information about your products.




  1. Go to  Open a twitter handle account. Get followers and promote your products to them
  2. Go to  Open a profile account, network with professionals and promote your product to them.
  3. Use  Open an account and upload pictures of your products
  4. Join an online forum e.g . Nairaland is one of the most visited sites in Nigeria. You can post free information about your products on the site and you can be sure that thousands of people will see it and contact you.


Go to, type in “ list of online forum in Nigeria” you will get a list of  other online forum, sign up with them

  Use free classified advert websites
Go to , ,   Go to  type in “free classified advert websites in Nigeria” you will get a list of them. Post your product advert on them. IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE

Use Bulk SMS Campaign
 Visit, Open an account on the platform. You can send SMS as low as N1 per unit. Using bulk SMS platform, you can send customized SMS messages to a single/ several group of GSM numbers
Remember less than 45% of Nigerians Listen to Radio daily, Less than 35% Nigerians watch TV daily, Less than 25% Nigerians read News paper daily, Less than 20% use internet daily. While over 95% of Nigerians in all Areas and Location read SMS on their GSM Phones.

With bulk SMS, you can reach your target customers, cheaper, faster and more conveniently…………because you can send SMS to many phone numbers at the same time.
For marketing purposes, get the phone contacts of potential customers from the internet, newspapers, business directory etc, send them SMS promoting your products and services


Use bulk email campaign
 Just like bulk SMS, you can send bulk email to your potential customers to market your products. For bulk email market visit

Get the email contacts of your target customers from internet search, newspaper advert, and business directories and send them an offer for your products

 Use your blackberry messenger (BB PIN)
With your blackberry phone, you can send free messages to other blackberry users within your network. This message can even be re-broadcasted to other people. This is a good tool to market your products

 Use your whatsApp messenger
This works like blackberry messenger, and it’s access cost is cheaper than blackberry. It has even become more popular than blackberry messenger.

 You can have access to all your phone contacts via whatsApp. 


 Youtube video marketing
 Go to  Open a youtube account for your products and start to upload the video of your products for marketing purposes